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Do you have a wound care patient? We provide a cost-effective, in-home solution.

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Traditional treatment of pressure ulcers in healthcare facilities is increasingly unavailable and/or cost-prohibitive. To fill this growing gap in care, HealthEssentials has developed an innovative treatment alternative — an in-home wound care management program that is highly successful, convenient, and cost-effective.

An In-Home Alternative

A HealthEssentials nurse practitioner establishes a detailed treatment plan that includes regular follow-up and education.

With this program, the patient receives the highest quality wound care treatment from a dedicated healthcare professional, using state-of-the-art therapeutic beds designed to provide maximal pressure relief. The patient should recover more quickly and fully in the comfort of his/her own home, and the treatment is usually covered by Medicare.

Benefits Unmatched by any Other Wound Care Program

HealthEssentials' highly trained nurse practitioner will:

  • Conduct a comprehensive in-home assessment

  • Establish and follow a detailed treatment plan, coordinating with the patient's family doctor as needed or requested

  • Manage all aspects of routine wound care, including wound debridement and cleansing

  • Educate the patient's family on pressure ulcers and teach wound care techniques (e.g., how to change dressings, how to operate pressure-relief bed)

  • Follow-up with the patient as needed or requested (every 30 days at a minimum)

  • Work with home care professionals, if applicable, to coordinate care

  • Document stages of wound healing with a digital camera, consulting with physician

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    HealthEssentials is reimbursed through Medicare Part B.

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