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Physician Services

Podiatric Services

HealthEssentials provides an integrated array of podiatric services with emphasis on cost effective, preventive care. Value-added programs include ongoing education to all caregivers and patients and the reduction of risk exposure through preferred practice parameters and a medicare compliance program.

Unlike most podiatrists, where long-term care is secondary to their office business, HealthEssentials has a community of practitioners and facilities providing weekly services. We have 100% focus and dedication to the needs of LTC facilities and their residents.

Physician Benefits

  • Prompt care for your patients
  • Improved specialist collaboriation and communication
  • Reduced phone calls, faxes, and telephone order frustration
  • More complete medical records

Clinical Benefits

  • Weekly on-site facility presence
  • Standardized care programs and formulary compliance
  • Enhanced physician documentation
  • Disease management systems
  • Improved outcomes and physician follow-up

Regulatory Benefits

  • Defensible documentation
  • Comprehensive support, assessment and education tools and programs
  • Integrated QA and research program
  • In-house Medicare compliance staff
  • OIG, CCI monitoring and compliance programs

Financial Benefits

  • PPS/MDS enhanced documentation
  • Sensitivity to PPS reimbursement restraints
  • Enhance marketing diferentiation
  • Improved patient/family satisfaction
  • Diminished liability exposure

Serice Areas



    HealthEssentials is reimbursed through Medicare Part B.

How to Contact Us

HealthEssentials Solutions, Inc
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