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Physician Services

HouseCallsTM Program

HealthEssentials HouseCallsTM program provides primary medical care services in the convenience of the patient's home. Our medical practitioners work with patients' primary care physicians, or if they do not have one, can link patients to an extensive network of clinicians and specialists.

HealthEssentials developed the HouseCallsTM Program to meet the needs of elderly people who are unable to visit their doctor regularly. Within the typical family or internal medicine practice, which is the usual primary care provider to geriatric patients, there is a portion of its geriatric patients that need routine care but have a difficult time getting to the doctor's office for thier medical needs. These patients are prime candidates for HealthEssentials' HouseCallTM Program.

HealthEssentials Nurse Practitioners can provide medical/clinical care in the patient's home - working with the patient's own primary care physician and any other in-home support agency.

While a home health service can provide a nursing assessment of the patient's health and living status, HealthEssentials practitioners can supplement that in-home care by providing diagnostic and therapeutic care, including priscribing medications and other care modalities.

When a practitioner provides a medically necessary visit to a patient, a medical record is completed that documents the reason for the visit, the medical findings of the assessment and the prescribed medical plan of care. This information is shared with the referring source and/or the primary care physician.

HealthEssentials practitioners can provide the primary care physician with the appropriate information required to determine the medical need for such therapeutic interventions as rehabilitation therapy, durable medical equipment or diagnostic procedures.

The practitioner can provide the medical component of a complete Geriatric Assessment including:

  • Complete medical history and physical
  • Mental status assessment
  • Gero-pharmacology assessment
  • Cardio-pulmonary status assessment
  • Functional status assessment
  • Nutritional status assessment
  • Required clinical laboratory testing
The practitioner can provide on-going medical/clinical care to the patient who cannot easily get to the primary care physician's office for basic care. This is not to replace the attending physician, but to prevent care for not reaching the patient because of frailty or acuity.

Service Areas

    California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, New Mexico, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin


    HealthEssentials is reimbursed through Medicare Part B.

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