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Care Facility Services

HealthEssentials partners with care facilities to provide geriatric clinical services to residents. Our services benefit the entire facility—from physicians and directors to patients and families.

Benefits to Care Facilities

  • Seven day/week on-site facility presence
  • Timely "incident" assessments
  • Documentation that addresses regulations
  • Diminished liability exposure
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Benefits to Physicians

  • 24/7 call coverage
  • Prompt, on-site evaulation of changes in condition
  • Standardized care regiments and formulary compliane
  • Reduced phone calls, faxes and telephone order frustration
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Benefits to Patients & Families

  • Improved patient/family satisfaction
  • Call coverage by someone who is familiar with the patient
  • Prevention screening to detect problems before they become critical
  • Improved quality and expanded scope of care
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A Cost-effective Solution

Partnering proves cost-effective. A collaborative relationship between physcians and nurse practitioners facilitates effective patient treatment and reduces the cost of care: With regular patient visits and a team approach, illnesses are treated before becoming acute; unnecessary emergency transports to hospitals are prevented; and diagnostic exams and medications are appropriately utilized.

How to Contact Us

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